Nacho Tranquilo

Nachos from the oven filled with pulled pork/choriso/veggie, topped with Jalapeño, Salsa & More

Nacho 3 Dips

Plain Nachos with a cumin dip, a chipotle dip & guacamole
Quesadillas: our pimped, filled, grilled tortillas

Mexican Truffel & Mushroom

Filled with cuitlacoche, oyster mushroom & cheese

Extremadura Beef & Pork

Filled with seasoned spicy minced beef & Pork
We serve our tacos with fresh soft shell tortillas

Pulled Pork

Sweet Berkshire porkshoulder slowly cooked for 5 hours topped with coleslaw and cumin sauce

Sesam Salmon

Salmon marinated with ginger, garlic & spices, served on guacamole, topped with sweet-sour marinated zucchini

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato from the grill, served on fresh cheese, topped with roasted sweet nuts

Roasted Cauliflower

Roasted coliflower served on a bed of refried beans topped with a sweet coleslaw (don't be mistaken, this one is quite spicy)
Our enchilada's are made with a spicy chille sauce, cheese & cilantro wrapped in a flour tortilla


Basic chille sauce & fresh spinach

Pulled Pork

Our trademark Berkshire pulled pork


Spicy minced beef & pork

Chipotle Chicken

Slow cooked chicken with loads of spices and chipotle peppers (not for the weak hearted)